Just a selection of things we did recently for our clients...

It's a bird, it's a plane...

When a group of central Georgia attorneys decided to form a new law group, they needed to have the new practice up and running in a very short time frame. Cases that were underway could not be delayed. This meant that computers, servers, phones, and speciality software used for tracking legal cases had to be set up quickly and correctly.

How quickly did this need to happen? The attorneys needed to walk out of their old offices and into their new offices on the same day and be able to use the phone system and email without missing a beat.

It was crazy, impossible, nuts, a mountain too tall ...

... in short, the kind of challenge we love here at SPINEN.

We worked closely with the client to determine the practice's needs, and scheduled the deployment of a computer network, phone system, and specialized software to minimize disruption for the attorneys at the practice. We took responsibility for all the client's technology needs, working with Internet and telephone providers and hardware/software vendors so that the client did not have to deal with multiple contacts.

Yep, we climbed that mountain, and the client enjoyed a seamless transition to the new practice.

Planning is always the most important step in providing data and telephone services. Because every business is different, we work with you to determine your unique needs in order to recommend the best technology to meet them. Why? When you succeed, we succeed.

Talking turkey

When an enterprising group of entreprenuers with a love for hunting decided to bring hunting legend Brossie Dantone's unique, hand-crafted turkey calls to market, it was a meeting of traditional hunting lore and craftsmanship with cutting-edge e-commerce.

SPINEN helped the group design a Web site that visually captured the long tradition of turkey hunting, while still offering the best in online storefront capability. Based on the Magento platform, the storefront offers newsletter subscription management and automated tax calculation and address verification, important considerations for marketing and ease of use.

Carrying on a tradition that started as stories swapped around a campfire, a blog was soon incorporated into the online store, so that customers could share stories of successful outings using Brossie products.

Though the Magento platform is a leading e-commerce product, the design elements of the project helped reflect the outdoorsman's rich, time-honored traditions, making for a perfect melding of traditional values with modern Web technology.

Putting the fun in fundraising

The Kiwanis Club of Columbus sponsors the Cannonball Run, a charity race event that raises money for organizations that support children, such as the Carpenters Way Ranch and Juvenile Drug Court. To promote the event, the organization needed a new logo, and a Web presence that reflects the light-hearted theme of the race.

The SPINEN design team came up with a fresh, whimsical design to capture the spirit of the race, while incorporating functions such as PayPal integration for online ticket sales and a photo gallery that allows Kiwanis personnel to add new photos without depending on a Web designer.

Sometimes a Web site requires a more formal presentation, as with a law firm or financial institution. When the topic calls for a more playful approach, though, clients can count on the SPINEN design team to put the "fun" into the fundamentals of great Web design.

Growing doesn’t have to be a pain

If you run your own business, growth is a great thing - it means you're doing it right. But growth can also be a headache: Do I need more space? How do I move my computer and network infrastructure with the least interruption? Should I upgrade my network, and if so, how?

Lane Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery in Columbus has been doing it right since they opened their doors. So right, in fact, that the clinic just moved to a newly-built facility in December. But the move also meant that the clinic had to expand its technology infrastructure with a new phone system, wireless access, and network assets configured to make sure critical medical data is always available.

To achieve these goals, SPINEN:

  • Deployed a Cisco UC560 Phone system with 50 phones using standard "wired" phones as well as phones that can use the secure wireless network for "anywhere in the building" functionality;
  • Configured Cisco "Clean Air" wireless access points featuring self healing wireless technology to prevent interference from devices such as bluetooth, microwaves, and medical devices;
  • Set up a fully redundant medical records environment leveraging HP SAN (network storage) and VMware (virtualization);
  • Provided encrypted offsite backups to the SPINEN Data Center with failover capability to servers in the SPINEN Cloud;
  • Segmented the network to isolate video surveillance, HVAC systems, telephone, and data to meet HIPAA requirements and to maximize network security and performance;
  • Helped save on capital expenditure and ongoing management costs by using HP thin client solutions to run EMR software in exam rooms and nurse stations. The low cost of thin clients, together with the ability to make simultaneous updates to multiple machines remotely, help save the client time and money when configuration changes are needed.

We love seeing our clients succeed, and strive to make sure their technology assets help them do just that. Want to take the pain out of growing? Give us a call and let us help you find the best way to grow your business.

Let's work together

In the world of professional engineering services, where each project can differ widely from the next, collaboration is the key to getting the job done efficiently and accurately. When a Macon engineering firm needed a reliable messaging platform to allow easier e-mail access and collaboration, they turned to SPINEN.

To meet these needs, SPINEN deployed an Exchange 2010 server integrated with Blackberry Enterprise Express software. Employees can now access updated e-mail, calendar, contact lists, and send e-mail from anywhere–job site, coffee shop, hotel or home–using Outlook, a Web browser, or Blackberry devices.

In addition to expanded email access and shared calendaring, the centralized messaging platform allows the company to perform daily backups that include all email and calendar data. These backups are automated, storing encrypted data in both on- and off-site locations without the need to handle tapes. Ready to get your business together? Give us a call.

Keeping mission-critical data healthy

Forsyth Street Othopaedic, Rehabilitation & Surgery Centers needed a robust platform for their new digital PACS (Picture and Archiving Communication system), used for storing and managing diagnostic imagery, such as X-rays. To meet this need, SPINEN implemented a fully redundant Virtualization Cluster.

Wait . . . a what?

Virtualization allows multiple "virtual" servers to be created on one piece of hardware, dramatically lowering equipment and power costs. By clustering these systems, mission-critical data and applications are always available; even if a virtual server goes down, an exact duplicate instantly takes over, preventing costly outages and downtime.

SPINEN's solution not only met the needs of the PACS, it also allowed the client to consolidate other medical record systems on the same platform. Now all of mission-critical applications have high availbility to minimize downtime in the event of a failure. To complement the server solution, an equally powerful backup solution was added. Using SAN replication technology, highly-sensitive medical data is securely replicated offsite.

Don't let equipment failure or inadequate backups kill your business data. Call SPINEN today to ensure the health of your technology resources.

Standing out from the crowd

When you have a unique service to sell, your marketing efforts need to be as fresh and unique as your service. Paintless dent removal is a highly-specialized service area that can offer consumers drastic savings on damage repair costs for all types of vehicles. But potential customers have to know about a service in order to buy it.

Dent Tricks turned to SPINEN to redesign the company's Web site with a fresh look. Great graphic design is only one part of keeping a site fresh, so we leveraged the power of WordPress blog software to give the client the ability to update their own content as needed.

With a great-looking new site, the ability to update their own content as needed, and by linking the site to social networking outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, Dent Tricks has a whole new bag of tricks to get the word out about the specialized services they provide.

These jams don't come in a jar

When it comes to good music and good times, Macon's Bragg Jam is more fun than a frog in a glass of milk. With more than 40 bands on multiple stages laying down rock, blues and soul – not to mention a pot-full of daytime events – event organizers needed a Web site that could keep up with rapidly changing information to spread the word to the region's music, food and fun lovers.

Adding to the functionality we had crafted for the site in the previous year, SPINEN enhanced the "Concert Crawl" section that lists musical events and venues. This section of the Web site allows the client to fully control all content, so that they can react quickly to scheduling and venue changes. With the updates, the organizers can now provide additional information for each band, including photos, MP3s, as well as information about the venues, including maps, age restrictions, and other information.

Whether it is reaching business objectives or helping a community come together for a good time, talk to us about how we can leverage technology to help make your business more agile.

Backup, disaster recovery...and savings

When it came time to replace Atlanta Skin Cancer Specialists' servers, SPINEN designed a solution that reduced the number of physical servers and replaced the practice's outdated tape-based backup system.

Using virtualization, SPINEN was able to provide the practice with multiple virtual servers dedicated to performing various tasks. We consolidated file storage, authentication, EMR software and terminal services on a scalable single redundant server, so that the client no longer has to maintain costly service agreements on multiple physical units. We helped the practice achieve greater redundancy on their core server while also lowering both initial capital expenditure and long-term maintenance costs. In addition, by upgrading to disk-to-disk backups, the clinic no longer has to rely on a tape backup system that depends on manual intervention and media that is prone to failure.

Using a Backup & Disaster Recovery appliance, "snapshots" are taken every 15 minutes of the practice's critical data. In the event of hardware failure or maintenance on the server, the BDR appliance can boot up the entire environment in less than an hour as failover. Snapshots are replicated off site to a secure datacenter to provide a complete disaster recovery solution.

The end result? This upgrade not only met the simple goal of replacing aging equipment, but provided short- and long-term savings and a solution that ensures the practice always has access to medical information, whatever the day may bring.

Electrifying news: Trust builds longevity (HTMDAS)

In 2008, SPINEN was selected to create a Web-based front end to display data from monitoring devices used by Con Edison in New York. These devices monitor high-voltage electrical pathways within the city. We developed a web application that would acquire the data from monitoring devices in real time and present it on screen, showing the status of each sensor and alert the user if any abnormality was detected.

This year, we were asked to upgrade the system to provide great efficiency as usage increases, and to encrypt the data being managed within the system. These upgrades helped enhance Con Edison's ability to monitor the electrical distribution grid in NYC, helping prevent power outages.

We are proud that our track record of quality software development has established a basis of trust, and excited to be part of a chain of system development that reaches from Macon, GA to the utility infrastructure of New York City.

All Your Eggs in One Basket?

What does your business server support? Does it hold shared data files, financial data, provide email services, run specialized practice management software?

The Achilles heel of using a single server is that if that machine experiences problems or needs maintenance, your business comes to a screeching halt until that server is available again. A server for each application is ideal, but expensive. Virtualization is the key to maximizing your technology dollar.

When Ingleside Baptist Church needed a way to segment their business applications to reduce maintenance downtime and application conflicts, they chose SPINEN for their expertise in virtualization technology. Virtual infrastructure allows future growth, application segregation, and fast data and application recovery in the event of a disaster.

Take Control Of Your Web Site

When is a Web site a director's chair? The challenge in promoting an event via the Web is that information can change, and quickly.

When a local film organization needed a Web site to promote its annual festival, SPINEN helped the client anticipate and manage needs by creating a site that allows the organization to easily update the site directly, without having to call a Web designer.

SPINEN used technology to empower the client to manage sections of the site that needed frequent updates, including news, photos, videos, events and workshops. The result? More control and lower costs for the client.

Digital Phone Systems

For a contractor, the telephone is a business lifeline. When Speir & Associates, a Macon electrical contracting business, needed to replace its phone system, SPINEN helped the client design and deploy a state-of-the-art digital Voice over IP system.

VoIP telephony solutions provide robust features once found only in large systems. The Switchvox system that SPINEN deployed provides the client with features such as virtual extensions (seamlessly route calls to a home phone or a cell phone), detailed call reporting, and conferencing. A simple Web interface lets the client control the phone system, putting the user in charge of phone system features and eliminating the need to call a technician for simple changes.

Give us a call to find out how a digital phone system can empower your business!

Disaster Recovery

What is your business data worth?

In the event of a disaster–weather, fire, equipment failure–critical financial and client data can be lost, and the time it takes to rebuild it can be counted in revenue dollars lost. To protect his critical data, a Macon attorney with a mix of Windows and Apple/Mac computers in his network selected SPINEN to help formulate a disaster recovery plan which includes Crashplan™ for simple, effective off-site backup to SPINEN's data center.

We go beyond helping you back up data; SPINEN can help you formulate a disaster recovery plan to help minimize the effects of data loss.

Multi-mode marketing for best effect

In the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams, the catchphrase was "If you build it, they will come." Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to online marketing. Just building a Web site does not guarantee that your potential customers will see it.

At its best, marketing is a coordinated campaign that includes different types of media - from print materials to traditional Web sites to social networking outlets. Your choices will depend on your target audience and specific goals.

When a physician in Atlanta needed help advertising his services, SPINEN augmented his existing Web site by providing a blog and printed brochure to broaden the "reach" of his campaign. The SPINEN design team created a color, trifold brochure based on the design elements of the Web site, for use in reaching potential clients who do not use the Web as a primary means of finding health care services.

To strengthen the marketing appeal of the doctor's Web site, SPINEN installed a WordPress blog and created a design that fit in with the rest of the marketing media. By employing an SEO-savvy content writer, SPINEN keeps the blog content fresh and helps the practice provide current and potential patients with vital health information.


Designing for the Best

Upscale sales meets top-drawer Web design: A pair of Atlanta businessmen needed to provide information to business and pleasure travellers on some of the premier hotel facilities around the world, from Hong Kong to Paris to Las Vegas.

These entrepreneurs turned to SPINEN's design team to create a simple and tasteful design to showcase upscale destinations. Behind the scenes, SPINEN programmers added critical functionality, tying the Web site to a booking system so that Web site visitors can view properties, search room availability, and book stays directly from the Web site.

When you are selling the very best, our team can help create a solution with beauty and brains.

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