A brief & colorful introduction

We're your big box of 64 Crayola® crayons. Yeah, the one with the sharpener in the box. We offer an array of technology services, from Web and print design, custom software development, VoIP telephone systems, to business network consulting, design and deployment, and more. Always nice to have everything in one box, so you don't have to stop and ask, "Which vendor deals with our Web site? Who's that guy we call to fix the server?"

Think of us as your one-stop technology shop. Hey, when you need Burnt Sienna, plain orange just won't do.

We have had the good fortune to work with clients of every stripe; we have extensive experience with medical practices large and small, law firms, online retailers, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. What we've learned is that it's not a black-and-white world: Every business is unique, requiring a thorough assessment to find the best and most cost-effective solutions.

Whatever your business specialty, you can count on us for technology expertise.

Come talk to us

Have a specific need? Maybe just a question? Come talk to us. Let's find out how you can get the most out of your business technology. Ask us about:

We also offer specialized services, including managed IT services for cost-effective and budgetable ongoing maintenance and support, consultation & planning services, and equipment selection & procurement.

The "Aha!" moment
or: Why we do what we do

Our staff is comprised of professionals who specialize in many different areas of technology and design, but who share a common trait: we love what we do.

When a prospective client approaches us and says, "I need a Web site for my business" or "I need a new server for my medical practice," our first question is: "Why?"

When it comes to finding the right technology to support your business, one size does not fit all. You should never invest in business technology because it seems like all your competitors are doing it, or just because a technology firm advised you to do so. You should understand why a particular technology is being recommended, and what return you will receive from it. Too many technology firms don't explain that – they just tell you, "Buy this, you need it."

That's why we're such an inquisitive bunch.

When we help you assess your needs, we want to hear about your business, your goals and objectives, and your future plans. That initial conversation is the most important in our relationship with you, because it often leads to that "Aha!" moment. The moment when we help you identify (and overcome!) challenges you were not even aware of. Or when we tell you, "Technology may not be the best way to handle this particular need."

Yes, we really have said that a few times, because we feel our relationships with clients have to be built on trust, rather than sales figures.

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